WW2 Naval 5.0-inch Barrage Rocket

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Fired from American landing and support craft in the amphibious operations of World War II, barrage rockets saved thousands of American lives. In the Pacific, they were one of the factors which caused the Japanese enemy to change the pattern of his resistance to American landings. With barrage rockets, American commanders were able to drench landing beaches for considerable distances inland. Barrage rockets helped give assaulting soldiers and marines the fighting chance they needed to win a toe-hold without that bloody slaughter in the surf and on the sands which made American leaders, after Tarawa, wonder how we could continue to pay the human cost of island conquest.

The 5.0-inch Rocket Motor Mark 3 is used to propel common and general-purpose 5.0-inch spin-stabilized rockets. The motor tube is about 22 inches long. It houses the propellant and serves as a combustion chamber. The motor tube has internal threads and an external bourrelet ring at each end. A shipping cap is screwed into the front end of the motor tube during shipment. The front closure is a sheet-metal disc pressed in position near the front end of the motor tube. This front closure seals the forward end of the motor tube and holds the igniter and propellant in place. There is a light, metal blow-out disc in the center of the front closure; on its inner surface a thin felt pad is cemented. Just inboard of this pad is the igniter, which is a flat, tinned case containing 35 grams of black powder and an electric squib. Two wires pass from the squib to the rear of the motor tube, where one wire is connected with the contact ring and the other wire is grounded to the motor tube at the nozzle-ring plate. A 1-inch thick felt washer is placed forward of the propellent grain to protect against accidental shock.

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