81MM mortar shell M374 HE Cartridge Inert


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81MM mortar shell M374 HE Cartridge

  • 81 mm HE mortar projectiles generally contain anywhere between 400 g and 680 g of HE and have a maximum range of approximately 6,500 m.

  • NATO member states, as well as countries supplied by western manufacturers, tend to use the 81 mm caliber medium mortar.

  • The cartridge is dropped down the barrel, fin-end first.

  • The ignition cartridge strikes the firing pin and detonates, which causes a flash that passes through the radial holes in the shaft.

  • The propellant increments are ignited, which produce rapidly expanding gases that force the cartridge from the barrel.

  • The obturating ring ensures equal muzzle velocities in hot or cold barrels by keeping all the gases in the barrel until the cartridge has fired.

  • When fired, the cartridge carries the ignition cartridge with it, leaving the mortar ready for the next cartridge.


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