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M20 ANTI-TANK PRACTICE MINE.  Up for SALE is an training aid/Replica U.S. military M20 anti-tank training mine used for training. This mine cannot be made live and never was a live landmine, sold for air soft and collection purposes. The mine is made of metal with working pressure plate and arming switch that turns along with 2 separate fuse wells used for booby traps and alternate detonating methods. The cap also unscrews to reveal the fuse well where the main fuse would go to detonate the mine. It was made for combat engineers to train on emplacing and safely disarming the M15 anti tank mine. This mine is the actual size of a real one and is in Excellent condition!

Could possibly have a few small dents, or shelf wear from being moved around. Why pay for a resin replica when you can have the real thing that is made of metal with moving parts. Makes a great addition to any military collection. Ships via USPS Priority mail or UPS. Mine is fairly heavy due to all metal construction. Picture is representative of the mine you will receive. May be missing handle on bottom and side plug.

Dimensions:  13 1/2″ dia and 4 1/2″ high


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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in


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