Panoramic full face russian gasmask PPM-88 with filter SIZE MEDIUM


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INCLUDE 1 filter

1. Complete face and eye protection
2. Absolute tightness,
3. The mask is made of hypoallergenic material (NOT RUBBER)
4. Compatibility with all filters with M40 thread 99% of common filters (including army NATO and civilian variants)
5. Fast and comfortable dressing, adjustment
6. Due to the design of the front part, fogging is almost impossible.
7. Light weight, so you can wear a mask for a very long time
8. can use the flexible hose and carry the filter in the bag
9. can connect a breathing apparatus and use the air supply from the cylinder (as in the last photo in listing AP-96M, AP Omega-S, self-rescuers ADA-Pro.).
* sold separately
10. Great review
11. Suitable for use with safety helmet


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