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USN NECKERCHIEF TIE Worn by Sailors with both the Service Dress Blue and Service Dress White uniforms, the black neckerchief traces its origins back some five centuries, when it was worn as a sweat rag around the forehead or neck—but in an emergency it could also be used as a bandage to dress a wound or as a tourniquet to staunch a life-threatening loss of blood. The distinctive square knot was introduced by the Navy in 1817 to give the neckerchiefs a uniform appearance.

1. Correct Stencil.
2. Fold Neckerchief diagonally to form triangle, seams inside.
3. Hold taut, place first 2 fingers of left hand across corner, thumb below. Fold up and over fingers to the left.
4. Place the first 2 fingers of right hand across corner, thumb below. Fold up and over fingers to the right.
5. Repeat Step 3.
6. Take beginning roll in both hands. Roll toward center until completed.
7. Place around neck right and about 4 fingers longer than left.
8. Cross long and over short at the “V”.
9. Draw long and back up, over and down to the left.
10. Cross long and over short.
11. Bring long and back through the formed loop.
12. Shape know as shown. Top of knot even with bottom of “V”. Ends same length.

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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