Army Surplus Online Shop

If we can't find it, it must be illegal!

Our industry has tendency to want to push the easy items, because let’s face it time is money.  I have the knack to find items that most surplus stores don’t want to be bothered and with my loyal group of scouts that comb the world looking for items I can sell.  My list of contacts is large and my list of forgotten locations brings me a unique choice of treasures.

Quality Products Under One Roof

Our situation is unique.  Crazy Jim’s is online store that started as a retail location.  We have cataloged our inventory and keep the items safely stored warehouse.

Superfast Product Delivery System

Shipping is normally a 1-2 day process (not counting holidays) for in stock items.  Special orders and orders that exceed on hand Inventory will take longer 5-7 days depending on the item.

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