Quality Products Under One Roof

Our situation is unique, I been around military items since 1979.  I started Crazy Jim’s Retail store in 2006 we converted to an online store in 2017.  We have cataloged our inventory and keep the items safely stored in a warehouse. We have some of the most unique items on the market such as Civil War rank and insignias, WW 1 canteens and mess kits, WW2 uniforms, trench art, Bombs, missiles, Vietnam uniforms, military jeeps, track vehicles and field gear and boots. Plus 1000s of US uniforms from Woodland BDU to current OCP iniforms. 


Superfast Product Delivery System

Shipping is normally a 1-2 day process (not counting holidays or weekends) for in stock items.  Special orders and orders that exceed on hand Inventory will take longer 5-7 weeks depending on the supply chain.  Orders being sent to the Ukraine can take 2 months depending port facilities time frame.

Our Products