Donating Military Items

We at Crazy Jim’s find value in most military items. We take donations of items from the general public and take the follow steps:

1. Process the items and wash the items needed cleaning. Excessive Dirty and stained clothing will be rejected.

2. inspect items for service ability and museum items.

3. All clothing not serviceable is bagged up and donated to the DAV to help fund their programs.

4. Items with potential value to museums are offered to the Minnesota Military Museum, donated in your name.

5. All item left are offered for sale to help cover our cost for processing the items.

We take all kinds of MILITARY items. Original items no civilian or off brand items will be accepted. example of items; clothing, medals, boots, field gear, gun and gun parts. We do accept military vehicles and inert ammunition. All other military items must be cleared with Jim before delivery. Contact info is and 218-270-3040.