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M18 Claymore mine kit – inert for Display only

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M18 Claymore mine kit – inert for Display only. The M18A1 Claymore mine has a horizontally convex gray-green plastic case (inert training versions are light blue or green with a light blue band). The shape was developed through experimentation to deliver the optimum distribution of fragments at 50 m (55 yd) range. The case has the words “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” embossed on the front of the mine.[3] A simple open sight on the top surface allows for aiming the mine. Two pairs of scissor legs attached to the bottom support the mine and allow it to be aimed vertically. On both sides of the sight are fuse wells set at 45 degrees.

The M68 Claymore Practice Kit includes a functional M57 Firing Device, and M40 Test Set which are used with inert weapon body & blasting cap to simulate the complete setup, testing, and operations for training purposes.
INCLUDES (one each):

Inert M-33 APERS Mine (With Priming Adapters)
Functional M-57 Firing Device
Functional M-40 Tester
Inert M10 Blasting Cap Wire Reel Assembly
Cloth Storage / Satchel Bag (With Instructions)


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