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Reproduction German WWII Model 1938 double decals Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet


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The Fallschirmjäger-Stahlhelm was a variant of the iconic German Army M1935 steel helmet (Stahlhelm) with a shell lacking the projecting visor and deep, flared rim, and issued to Fallschirmjäger Truppen, paratrooper units, within Luftwaffe, the Air Forces of Nazi Germany. This helmet is painted and has the double decals.

The helmet was so designed in order to lessen the risk of head injury on landing after a parachute jump; also to reduce the significant wind resistance and resulting neck trauma. Early Fallschirmjäger helmets were manufactured from existing M1935 helmets by removing the undesirable projections, which were omitted when the new design entered full production. The modified shell also incorporated a completely different and more substantial liner and chinstrap design that provided far more protection for German airborne troops.


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