Signals, Illumination, Ground: Clusters, Green Star, M125A1; Red Star, M158; White Star, M159

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SIGNALS, ILLUMINATION, GROUND: CLUSTERS, GREEN STAR, M125A1; Star cluster signals consist of five-star illuminant assemblies and a rocket motor propulsion assembly contained in a hand-held aluminum launching tube. The base of the launching tube contains a primer and an initiating charge. As shipped, the firing pin cap is assembled to the forward end and must be reversed for firing. Stabilizing fins on the tail assembly of rocket are folded parallel to the axis of the signal. A bolt, which also transfers the initiating charge flash to the propellant
extends into the center of the solid propellant which fills the propulsion assembly, The illuminant assembly is mounted on top of the propulsion assembly with a delay assembly and an expelling charge between. A label specifying firing procedures is secured to the body of the signal.

When the firing cap is placed on the initiator end in preparation for firing the signal, the firing pin is aligned with the primer. Striking the primer with the firing pin fires the initiating charge to ignite the rocket propellant. As the rocket emerges from the launching tube, the fins extend for flight stability. Before rocket motor burnout at 200 feet, the black powder expelling charge is ignited performing the two-fold function of expelling and igniting the 5-star illuminant assemblies. Burning time is 6 to 10 seconds with burnout occurring at 25 250 to 300 feet above the ground. Shipping – Hazmat level 1.4 for shipping of the flare.



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